1 Minute 1 Shot – Treatment and Reflection


So, for my one minute one shot film (which, the restrictions of this film were as the title says, the aim was to be about one minute and all take place within one shot)

Despite thinking through several ideas, the one I decided on is about a man drowning in work to be done, who finally decides to quit. The idea even changed over time, but I always had a relative idea of how I wanted to do it – I wanted to have him either sitting at a desk or table, filled with different papers and work on the table. He then, overwhelmed, gets up and decides to call his boss and say, “I quit” – while looking out the closed window and seeing the light outside.

The idea was to try and focus more on telling a story through production design, to have less said and told in terms of story and more just to show how much work he has to do through what’s in front of him. Otherwise, the idea might fall a bit flat, but I guess we’ll see.


So, I finally got my one minute one shot done – I decided to name it “Working Late.” To reflect on what I said, I ended up going with a table downstairs, as opposed to a desk in somebody’s room. I also decided that the film would be better to shoot at night to assume this is somebody who’s stayed up doing this work, who then walks outside after calling his boss, literally abandoning his work.

I shot this assignment on a C300, using an NTG2 directional microphone attached to it, and decided to use it as an opportunity to also play more with different lenses, knowing I would be a Director of Photography for our Short film. So, I borrowed out a Samyang “Cineprime kit” to get a bit of a hang of the point of using different lenses, which was a good learning experience. The biggest trouble I had that resulted in a lot of re-takes while shooting my film was focus pulling while also having the camera pan around and move a lot. However, I think the final turnout was decent enough – I basically achieved the film I was trying to make. It could have had more, but thinking about ideas had resulted in putting off this assignment for too long.

I also ended up having to colour grade this twice, as the first time my save went missing. Either way, the second time was after the short film so I had a bit better an idea what I was doing, but it didn’t feel like I could change much since I must have shot with too high an ISO or aperture on the night. My bad. I also noticed a flaw where you notice the phone being used isn’t actually on, all too late.

I have considered trying to re-shoot this one minute one shot with an actor who isn’t just my housemate, or even going about trying one of my less realistic one minute one shot ideas I had. But I guess we’ll see.


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